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The Difference
Canada's Timeshare & Vacation Ownership Reseller: Listing your timeshares or vacation ownership for resale in a newspaper or on a website today is simply not enough. We believe that timeshare resale's and vacation clubs need live agents to be able to turn true opportunities into sales. Secondary Ownership Group offers full time sales agents who work one on one with our customers, creating a "win win" situation between buyers and sellers. As Canada's largest timeshare and vacation ownership reseller, we have designed programs best suited to meet our client’s timeshare and vacation ownership needs. We have a team of highly trained, full time agents that solely focuses on the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, along with aggressive marketing that includes powerfull web search engines, E-marketing campaigns, newspapers ads, magazine ads, print materials, flyers and brochures. Secondary Ownership Group also has a full service transfer administration team to complete every transfer with precision and care. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your timeshare or vacation ownership transfer needs. Secondary Ownership Group only uses licensed, bonded, underwritten and insured, full service title companies to handle timeshare and vacation Ownership transfers in Canada and in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean.

Resale checklist for timeshares & vacation ownerships
Before selling your timeshare or vacation club, make sure that you have your paperwork in order. The following checklist should help when selling a timeshare
•the name, address, and phone number of the timeshare or vacation club 
•the deed, and the contract or membership agreement which clearly identifies the timeshare you own
•any other information to identify clearly your particular interest or membership
•the exchange company affiliation (RCI or II)
•the amount and due date of your maintenance fee, and whether it has been paid for the current year
•the amount of real estate taxes (if billed separately), the due date, and whether they have yet been paid for the current year
•the date your timeshare will next become available for use by a new owner or when a new owner can first make a reservation
•whether or not your timeshare is a fixed week and/or unit or requires an advance reservation (a floating or flex-time timeshare

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