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The Difference

Canada's Timeshare & Vacation Ownership Reseller: Listing your timeshares or vacation ownership for resale in a newspaper or just on a website today
is not enough.  We believe that timeshare resale's and vacation ownerships need live agents to be able to turn true opportunities into sales.  Secondary Ownership
Group offers full time sales agents who work one on one with our customers, creating a "win" situation between buyers and sellers.  As Canada's largest and
ONLY timeshare and vacation ownership reseller, we have designed programs best suited to meet our client’s timeshare and vacation ownership needs. We have
a team of highly trained, full time agents that solely focuses on the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, along with aggressive marketing that includes
powerfull web search engines, E-marketing campaigns, newspapers ads, magazine ads, print materials, flyers and brochures. Secondary Ownership Group also
has a full service transfer administration team to complete every transfer with precision and care. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you in your timeshare
or vacation ownership transfer needs. Secondary Ownership Group only uses licensed, bonded, underwritten and insured, full service title companies to handle
timeshare and vacation Ownership transfers in Canada and in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean.

Why consumers buy

Spacious, high-quality accommodations. A timeshare resale is truly a home away from home, the high quality of timeshare and timeshare resales and vacation
ownership accommodations offered at timeshare and vacation ownership resorts typically include: Spacious floor plans and home-like amenities, compared
with traditional hospitality accommodations, flexibility and space, studio units to spacious three bedroom villas, fully equipped kitchen with dining area, washer
and dryer, Stereo, televisions, DVD players, VCRs and more. 

Timeshare resale resort amenities often include:
Swimming pools, Tennis courts, Jacuzzi, Spa and Fitness facilities, Golf, Boating, Skiing, Water sports, Amusement and theme parks on-site or nearby, and
Planned children’s activities.

Once you own a timeshare or vacation ownership, the vacation choices are endless. The inherent flexibility of the timeshare and vacation ownership concept
is offered through many alternatives in location, unit size, time of year, and the opportunity to exchange to other resorts. Vacations can be at a fixed time
or can vary each year, and accommodations can range from a studio to a two- or three-bedroom villa. As an owner you can opt to visit your home resort or
exchange to other resorts, spas, cruises, hotels, and specialty tours throughout the world!

How timeshares & vacation ownerships work

Vacation Ownership and Timeshare takes the hassle out of second home ownership. You purchase your future vacations at today’s prices and for just the
time you need.  Make a one-time purchase of furnished resort accommodations at a fraction of whole ownership costs and pay an annual maintenance fee.
Each unit of a  timeshare or Vacation Ownership resort is divided into intervals most commonly by the week or some other combination of days. Often the
amount of time you purchase is expressed in terms of "points"– a popular trend that is aimed at increasing the range of options for the use of your
Timeshare Interval.

In a majority of resorts today, your vacation ownership interest will include a deeded interest in real estate. Other timeshare or vacation ownership programs
do not include an interest in real property, but are structured more like a membership. How you actually use your timeshare vacation is generally not affected
by the absence or presence of a real estate interest.

The accommodations are priced according to a variety of factors, including size of the unit, resort amenities, location, and season of use. You own the
vacation accommodations but only for the amount of time you choose – typically one or two weeks each year for a traditional timeshare. There are other
types of timeshare resales or vacation ownership resale programs, such as fractionals, offering longer use periods (as long as three months), but these are
priced much more like a traditional vacation home.

Range of products for timeshares & vacation ownership
The wide range of timeshare resales Or vacation ownership resale products available are designed to suit many lifestyles. The traditional Interval week program
offers owners the use of their resort for one week, either for a specific period or season. With a points-based program, you may purchase points that can be
redeemed for all kinds of accommodations, resort locations, amenities, number of days used, and other travel services. Many timeshare resort developers  link
their  points program with other lodging and travel loyalty programs, allowing you to maximize your purchasing power and travel choices.

Vacation exchange
Excitement, Adventure, and Luxury: Vacation Ownership and Timeshare resales offers a lifetime of exciting travel adventures and luxurious services through
exchange programs.

From ski slopes to beaches, spas to luxury cruise ships, modern cities to quaint villages, championship golf courses to dude ranches, exchange offers a variety
of vacation experiences. And accommodation choices abound, with villas, efficiencies, condominiums, cabins, and more. Timeshare resales is the way to vacation

How it works:
You trade your interval or week for new and different vacation experiences at comparable resorts across the country and around the world. Many resorts offer
owners the opportunity to exchange their timeshare or vacation ownership to another resort within the home resort’s own portfolio of properties. Most resorts
are also affiliated with an independent exchange company that orchestrates exchanges to other resorts on behalf of members. To exchange, the owner places
his or her interval into the exchange company’s pool of available resort weeks and chooses an available resort and week from that pool. The exchange companies
charge an exchange fee plus an annual membership fee. Often the resort developer pays the new owner’s first year membership fee.

Owners choose when:
Most exchange companies and resorts offer their members the added benefit of saving (called "banking") vacation time for use in a subsequent year. timeshare
intervals and points can also sometimes be exchanged for airfare, hotel stays, and rental cars.
Maintenance fees
Through their homeowners association (HOA) or club management, owners help maintain the quality and future value of the resort property. Yearly maintenance
fees, which are set and directed by the HOA or club, pay for onsite management, unit upkeep and refurbishing, and utilities and maintenance of the resort’s
common areas and amenities. Depending on where the resort is located, the annual fee may also include applicable real estate taxes or they may be billed
separately. The amount of the yearly maintenance fees typically depends on the size, location, and amenities of the resort and is paid by each owner in proportion
to the amount of time and/or unit owned.

Exchange tips
Focus on the vacation experience as well as the destination when exchanging. Think "what" before "where." With so many resorts in so many places and units
and destinations not always available at all times, think about activities and experiences you would enjoy during your vacation. Allow vacation exchange
representatives to assist you in finding the perfect destination. Advance planning pays off. Place your request as far as possible in advance of the dates you want
to travel to maximize your chances of securing the vacation of your dreams. Be as flexible as possible when requesting travel dates and resort locations. Listing
several options enhances your chance for a timely confirmation. Consider a trip in the off-season or visit a lesser known destination that offers a similar vacation
experience. Remember that resorts may have more small units than large ones. If you are willing to accept a unit that accommodates the number of people
traveling, regardless of the size of the unit you are relinquishing, you enhance your exchange opportunities.

Resale checklist for timeshares & vacation ownerships

  Before selling your timeshare, make sure that you have your paperwork in order. The following checklist should help when selling a timeshare
 •the name, address, and phone number of the resort
 •the deed, and the contract or membership agreement which clearly identifies the timeshare you own
 •any other information to identify clearly your particular interest or membership
 •the exchange company affiliation
 •the amount and due date of your maintenance fee, and whether it has been paid for the current year
 •the amount of real estate taxes (if billed separately), the due date, and whether they have yet been paid for the current year
 •the date your timeshare will next become available for use by a new owner or when a new owner can first make a reservation
 •whether or not your timeshare is a fixed week and/or unit or requires an advance reservation (a floating or flex-time timeshare)

Secondary Ownership Group, Canada's timeshare company, is an excellent resource for buying, selling or renting timeshare & vacation ownership units. 
If you are looking to sell, buy or rent a timeshare property, let our experienced team of Timeshare and Vacation Ownership Agents work with you on a personalized
plan to achieve your targeted Timeshare or Vacation Ownership goals. Why are an ever-increasing number of Timeshare Buyers, Timeshare Renters and Timeshare
Sellers around the globe looking to us to service their needs in the Timeshare and Secondary Vacation Ownership markets? As Canada's Largest timesahre reseller,
we are the only Full-Service Timeshare Resale and Secondary Vacation Ownership Properties Group.

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